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Fleet management for yours Donation Box
remote updating and monitoring

Through Mobile Device Management we can manage remote updates, provide technical assistance, and in the event of theft, ensure the deletion of sensitive data from the device to protect your privacy and security.

installations always active and updated
Kiosk Mode to prevent improper use of the device
Active monitoring of terminals

three annual plans for three different levels of assistance

LIVECONNECTIVITY (included in the rental)NO RISK
Active monitoring of terminals
remote software update
sim for internet traffic10 gb10 gb
CASCO insurance on terminals
free software support
online only

If you purchase a DonationBoX you will have access to the online community, precise answers to your questions from our experts

user manual

Manuals and timely, always updated and clear documentation will help you manage all aspects of the software.

Plus Assistance: a team of experts at your service
video call
personal support

You can contact our experts whenever you need them. Choose your contact channel.

Design the experience

Count on a team of interaction design experts to build your personalized engagement experience.

diversified levels of assistance for every need

support serviceup to 6 hours of remote support per yearup to 24 hours of remote support per yearunlimited remote support tickets (80 hours)
response timeswithin 2 working dayswithin 1 working daywithin 6 hours

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