Snap Card

Our most straightforward and budget-friendly offering, the Snap Card features a sleek counter display, customizable with your unique branding. Embedded with a QR code, it seamlessly guides donors to your digital donation platform, streamlining the payment process and facilitating data capture for receipts and future engagement.

Point Of Donation

Mobility Meets Fundraising

Point Of Donation: Mobility Meets Fundraising Revolutionize mobile fundraising with the Point Of Donation (POD), a portable POS system designed specifically for charitable collections. Integrated with an intuitive Android app, it empowers your team to secure contactless contributions, enroll supporters in recurring donation programs, and issue receipts on the spot. Ideal for dynamic fundraising environments.

Easy Desk

Versatile Fundraising Anywhere

The Easy Desk solution embodies convenience and mobility, offering a self-contained fundraising station perfect for booths and event spaces. Requiring no electrical power and available in a variety of colors and materials, it’s designed for ease of use, requiring no technical expertise. Customize to fit your brand and engage donors in any setting.

Easy Floor

Engage in High-Traffic Areas

Elevate your fundraising with the Easy Floor, a striking totem-based donation system engineered for high visibility in busy public spaces. Just like the Easy Desk, it enables autonomous donations but is enhanced with electrical connectivity for a broader range of functionalities. Available in diverse colors and materials, it can be tailored to harmonize with any environment.

Totem Pro

The Ultimate in Customizable Fundraising

Designed for ambitious projects requiring the utmost in customization, the Totem Pro offers unparalleled flexibility in both hardware and software adaptation. With its extensive accessory options and touch screen and proximity marketing capabilities, it ensures your campaign stands out. Remote content management and a comprehensive suite of profiling tools provide valuable insights for targeted future campaigns. Explore Totem Pro DetailsThese descriptions aim to provide a clearer understanding of each product’s unique benefits and applications, enhancing your web page’s effectiveness in attracting and engaging potential donors.

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